Advantage Flea Killer for Cats

If you are looking for chemical cat flea protection then you should certainly check out Advantage Flea Killer for cats.

Advantage is arguably the fastest topically applied chemical for cat flea protection, in that it will actually have stopped fleas from biting within five minutes of being applied, and around 98% of all fleas will have been killed within 12 hours. The manufacturers Bayer are right to state 98%, although 100% is not uncommon.

The cat flea protection that Advantage gives will last for a month, and should be applied at the base of the head. It is applied by squeezing the tube of Advantage twice on the exposed skin.

Important points to note about Advantage for Cat Flea Prevention.

  • keep away from the cat’s eyes;
  • do not allow the cat to lick it or swallow it;
  • if you are treating cats and dogs together do keep them apart to prevent them from licking each other;
  • advantage for cat flea protection should only be used on cats more than 8 weeks old;
  • don’t forget that cat fleas can survive the winter, so treat your cat all the year round for total cat flea prevention;
  • advantage for cats is resistant to water and rain;
  • imidacloprid is the active agent in advantage for cats;
  • buy enough product to treat every cat and dog in the house.

Benefits of Advantage for Cat Flea Protection

  • of all the cat flea protection prod ucts advantage gives the quickest relief from painful bites, as it stops fleas biting within five minutes;
  • kills on contact not on bite unlike other cat flea protection products;
  • it prevents the development of further fleas, killing in excess of 98% of fleas before any eggs can be laid;
  • advantage prevents reinfestation with fleas if the cat comes into contact with flea infested cats or dogs;
  • kills adult fleas and flea larvae within 20 minutes of them arriving on the cat;
  • it lasts a long time, up to 1 month, and is very easy to use;
  • it is available online and in bulk, and in packs suitable for the weight of your cat.

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