Cat Flea Protection in the Home

Vacuuming is a great way of getting rid of household fleas brought in by animals.

You need to do more than just vacuuming.

The battle for cat flea protection is never ending. The advent of products like frontline, advantage, diatomaceous earth have certainly transformed matters over the past few years, and no longer can it be said that cat fleas have the upper hand.

It is important to realise that any defence system that relies on chemicals is eventually doomed to fail. This has been seen over the years with warfarin and rats, so in the same way frontline and advantage will have less and less effect on cat fleas.

It is important that cat flea protection is a lot more than the destruction of the fleas on the cat.

Any cat bringing fleas into the home will also mean an infestation of the soft furnishings of the house. You may kill the flea on the cat but it will definitely become reinfested with fleas unless you destroy all the fleas in the house. Never forget that for every adult flea you find on your cat there are many, many eggs larvae and pupae, and all of them will develop into adult fleas, and so the cycle will continue.

How to kill household fleas quickly and easily?

There is one lesser known but extremely effective weapon against the flea population and that is the good old fashioned vacuum cleaner. Whilst quite obviously it will not kill cat fleas on the cat it will nevertheless eliminate 98% of flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult fleas i carpets, soft furnishings and curtains.

It appears from experiments that it is simply the physical trauma as the fleas go through the vacuum brushes that kills them off. There is some evidence that states the heat and vibration causes early emergence of adult fleas from their cocoons, and makes them easier to pick up.

This is important because pupae whilst easier to pick up in a vacuum cleaner are impervious to insecticides, and they will produce adult fleas to reinfest the cat and your home.

To summarise the process of cat flea protection in the home.

  1. Use Frontline, Advantage, or diatomaceous earth to treat your cat.
  2. Use a flea comb.
  3. Use a Vacuum cleaner to suck up as many eggs, pupae, larvae and adult fleas as you can from every nook and cranny as well as all of your soft furnishings.
  4. Wash the cat’s bedding, your won sheets and blankets, and all removable covers.
  5. In severe cases use flea foggers and sprays.
  6. Remove all pets and children from the room when you use the flea foggers and sprays.

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