Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous Earth gives you natural cat flea protection that is better and healthier for your cat than chemical solutions.

Traditional cat flea prevention treatments can do both us and our cats harm as they are toxic, and in fact can kill the cats we are supposed to be protecting.

Food grade diatomaceous earth doesn’t poison cats, it just pierces the outer shell of the flea which then dies of dehydration normally within seventy two hours.

What is so easy about diatomaceous earth is the fact that not only can it be sprinkled on your cat, but it will also protect your home. As all cat owners know to their cost, a cat with fleas usually means a house with fleas, so you can also spread diatomaceous earth on your carpets, the cat’s bedding in their cat basket, in fact anywhere that is dry in and also around the house where you might find fleas.

In terms of dosage, you should feed your cat double the recommended dose, and you will also eradicate the tapeworms associated with fleas that have been swallowed by the cat.

There is no doubt that diatomaceous earth is the best non toxic natural defence when it comes to cat flea protection.

There some points that are important to emphasise.

  1. Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth onto the cats with fleas and ensure it is spread throughout their fur.
  2. Do NOT use the pool filter grade diatomaceous earth which is toxic if ingested.
  3. Cat flea protection and home and garden protection must all take place at the same time. So carpets, cat beds, and of course not forgetting any other pets such as dogs and their bedding.
  4. Remember that the fleas you see are a small proportion of the infestation, around 85% of your flea infestation are in fact larvae and eggs you cannot see which must be killed off to give you good cat flea protection
  5. Combing and bathing your cat will of course help greatly.
  6. Remember to feed your cat with a teaspoonful of diatomaceous earth in their food every day.

Remember the goal in cat Flea protection is permanent elimination, and natural products like diatomaceous earth can do this permanently whilst chemical medicines work only on a temporary basis.

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