Does Frontline Work?

Frontline Plus is the most recognized and promoted brand of anti-flea medication for cats and dogs. Frontline is used by millions of pet owners, but the most common question asked by skeptics is “Does Frontline Plus Work?” Well, there are a number of variables to consider, such as application technique, your pet’s living environment, and how severe your pet’s fleas actually are.

Does Frontline Plus Work

If Frontline didn’t work, then it would have fizzled out of the marketplace years ago. I have used Frontline on 4 different dogs across the past 10-15 years, and it has worked differently on each animal. For the three smaller dogs, most fleas would disappear within 24 hours, with some stragglers sticking around for up to 72 hours. On the larger dog (Golden Retriever/German Shepard,) the fleas can stick around between his legs indefinitely. In all cases, there is noticeably less scratching, chewing, and fewer fleas to be seen.

Buying Frontline Plus Online

While you can save money by buying Frontline Plus online, you need to watch out for Chinese counterfeits. Chinese counterfeits may look the same, but they may not be as effective as genuine products, or they may be potentially hazardous for your pet. From my research, it appears that most genuine Frontline is manufactured in the US or France. After checking to see if the Frontline is authentic, then you can proceed to find the best deal. The lowest price Ive seen for Frontline online is around $30 shipped for a 3 month supply from a provider on Amazon. Expect to spend around $10 per treatment, which seems incredibly high for less than .5oz of chemicals that probably cost less than a nickel to produce. But still, these prices are probably 25% or more less than what you would find at a local pet store, or up to 50% less than what you would pay for at the vet’s office.

How Long Does Frontline Plus Last?

Per Frontline Plus’s recommendations, you should apply Frontline every 30 days to see the best results. Remember- you cannot bathe your dog or cat for roughly a month after application, meaning if they roll in something unsavory, you’ll have to deal with it or reapply the $10/tube treatment. Because Frontline works by poisoning fleas upon their ingestion of the chemicals, eggs will be unaffected be these treatments. This means you need to begin by giving your dog a bath before applying Frontline.

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