How to Keep Your Pets from Getting Fleas

A lot of fleas at home will make life uncomfortable for you and your pets. Since pet is the most causes of carpet fleas, it’s easier to avoid a flea problem than to get rid of a big flea problem.

These are 5 steps will help you to prevent the flea outbreak and protect your pet

Keep other animals away from your house

Your pet usually picks up fleas outside. The fleas come from other animals that hang around your house. Don’t leave food outside that will attract stray animals or wildlife, such as opossums or raccoons. These animals will bring fleas and they might carry canine madness.

Keep the animals out of your crawlspace, garret, and other places around the house. If you rent your house, ask your landlord to screen-seal these areas.

Keep the grass cut down short. The flea eggs and larvae will be more potential to dry out or be killed by the sun.

Keep your pet clean

Wash pet bedding. Clean up the bedding by the corners to keep from falling flea eggs onto the floor. A scheduled washing cycle can kill any flea eggs, also the larvae and adults in the bedding. Don’t add pesticides or other specific products to the laundry.

Vacuum the pets’ living area frequently. Vacuum-cleaner will remove a lot of flea eggs and the droppings which flea larvae eat. The vibration from the vacuum cleaner will cause adult fleas get out of their cocoons. The vacuum cleaner will pick up the adult fleas. Pay attention to areas where pets rest and where they jump down because most of the flea eggs will be at that place. Don’t forget the higher areas where cats often choose to sleep. Don’t let your pets stay in places that you cannot clean easily.

Flea comb

A flea comb is a convenient tool to get fleas off of your cat or small dog, and pets generally enjoy the care and stroking. Flea combs have narrow gaps between the teeth which can remove the adult fleas. Use a flea comb a few times a week, and keep the bowl warming, soapy water nearby. Once you find a flea, drop it into the soapy water.

Find the source

If you’ve a flea problem but no pets look for tunnels or animal beds under your house, in the garret, or near the walls, look for the nest or tunnel near the area where you find the fleas. Stamp the area so no longer animals can use the same place. Don’t forget to look up. Fleas perhaps come from the garret if squirrels or other mammals are nesting at that place.

Pesticides to control fleas

Ask your veterinarian about certain products that control fleas on dogs and cats for a few months. Some products also control ticks. Follow the guidance on the pesticide carefully. Several less expensive products for dogs are available at your local shop. Look for a product that contains permethrin. This product comes in a small container. Use the product on the back of your dog according to the guidance. Don’t use permethrin products on cats. They’ll make cats very sick. There are flea products for cats available at your local shop too, but they only work for a short time. A flea comb is a good choice for a cat; it only needs about 10 minutes to flea comb a cat. Some dogs also show sensitivities to permethrin. So, it’s better to consult which the best product for your pet.

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