Limited editions, genetic rarities, leaves shaped like ducks’ feet… There are marijuana seeds that are true rarities of the botanical world. Sometimes their appearance can lead to confusion, but they can also be consumed with psychoactive effects. Other times they are so strange that experts are still investigating what can be taken advantage of them. We are left today with five examples, some of them easy to acquire and others more difficult to find than Wally. Find your led light for 4×4 grow tent.

Their beauty, the extraordinary nature of their fruits, the ability to flower quickly… There are dozens of varieties of marijuana seeds, made for all tastes. It does not matter if they are medicinal or euphoric, easy to cultivate or very resistant to the plagues: each one stands out for something and is worth it. However, there are some of them that would hold a Guinness World Record for surprise, either for the color of their buds or for the extravagant shape of their leaves. Today we are going to review seven incredible varieties that will leave you with your mouth open and that will surely give you more than one and more than two anecdotes to tell in meetings of colleagues.

Master Kush: a genetic prodigy

We put on our scientific gowns to talk about Master Kush. Apparently, this variety is like any other: green, resinous… However, its secret is inside: it is a tetraploid plant, that is, with four sets of chromosomes instead of two. Thus, the water content is higher. Maybe that’s why the fruits of the Master Kush taste like wet soil.

The Master Kush also stands out for being resistant to pests or lack of nutrients, as long as the problem is stopped in time. And, although researchers are still coming to a conclusion about it, it is believed that tetraploidism would help generate larger flowers, another factor to take into account. We will have to be on the lookout for studies and experiments in the future.

Australian Bastard Cannabis: the plant of marijuana that does not seem

Back in the 90’s, Cannabis Culture reported on a cannabis variety which, as it began to develop, looked like anything but our favorite weed: it did not have pointed leaves nor was it covered with white resin, to give two examples with which we would recognize marijuana from a distance. The Australian Bastard Cannabis produces small leaves with three points like twisted and very small. In addition, the structure does not remember that of any cannabis pot that we have seen. Until the flowers appear, it is almost impossible to identify it as marijuana.

Since the appearance is so different from that of the most conventional cannabis, the next question is whether the effects are similar. Some breeders have claimed that, although it is not very potent, it is attractive for experiments with hybrids, as it is very resistant to, for example, frost outdoors. At the moment, there is a lot of mystery around it, but experts and growers continue to investigate.

Frisian Duck: ‘duck’ leaves to hide

Speaking of singular leaves of cannabis, if you do not have another remedy that to cultivate in a space that can attract too many indiscreet looks, Frisian Duck can serve you to mislead the personnel. The seed does not generate leaves with pointed forms, which we all associate to our favorite grass, but these seem the likeable feet of a duck.

Although this would confuse anyone on a terrace or patio (as long as it is in a temperate or Mediterranean climate), Frisian Duck is also ideal for interiors and, on top of that, grows strong and produces large buds with a relaxing effect. An effective, anti-bloating option and, moreover, nice.

Bruce Banner #3: a powerful 30 % of THC

Those who look for a very powerful psychoactive effect should look for the variety Bruce Banner #3. That it takes the name of the person who is behind Hulk has its reason: its heads, mixture Sativa of OG Kush and Strawberry Sour Diesel, can have up to 30 % of THC. It is increasingly popular, although it flies in dispensaries or ‘coffee shops’ as soon as it is available.

If you have trouble finding it or you prefer a hybrid, in our seed bank we have the Strawberry OG, a cross of Bruce Banner #3 with SFV OG IBL whose effect is powerful and relaxing for a long time. In addition, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and produces large harvests. If you prefer to try this hybrid before going to work, it is a very good choice.

Pinkman Goo: pink, violet and resin drops

It is rare to see pink and violet cannabis strains, although some genetic characteristics and the environment (e.g. cold temperatures) get varieties in these tones. Pinkman Goo is one of them. Although it stands out for its beautiful tonalities, its principal attraction and rarity is the way in which the resin appears: in the form of drops and little by little, like the sap of the pines.

In addition, if you find a very resinous genetics of Pinkman Goo, you are in luck, because according to laboratory studies there is 4% more THC than in those whose flowers are not so sticky. And we are speaking about a variety which usually has 18 % of tetrahydrocannabinol. The researchers believe that it is due to genetic factors that come to light with certain environmental conditions.

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