Vertical garden design. Types and advantages

The vertical gardens are a different and original alternative to enjoy a garden area in your home or business. Check out 12 table saw blade.

Nowadays, vertical gardens are demanded by all kinds of clients. From individuals who want to give their garden or home a different and original touch, through communities of neighbors, who want to take advantage of the energy benefits that this type of garden offers, and even business offices, who want to give a touch of freshness and exclusivity to your interior design.

Types of vertical gardens based on their design and implementation system

The concept of vertical gardens can be very broad and its design and implementation can range from simple vertical gardens, such as the installation of a climbing machine that covers the entire height of the design, to extremely complex vertical garden projects, with unique and exclusive results.

Therefore, there are different formats for the design or installation of vertical gardens. Let’s see some of them and their main characteristics and advantages.

Vertical gardens with plastic panel systems, felts and pre-planted rock wool panel

The design of this vertical garden is made from a metal supporting structure on which a pvc panel backing is anchored, to which a combination of felts is fixed, on which rock wool panels with pre-planted vegetation in nursery are placed.

  • Advantages;
    → Durability. The inert substrate materials give our vertical garden greater durability.
    → Simplicity in replacing elements and modification in the vertical composition of our garden.
    → Resistance to cold. The thickness of the panel, allows the system to respond in the best way to the cold and frost of winter.
    → Perfect finish from the start. When planting species in panels, prior to the placement of the garden, they are in an advanced state of growth at the time of final installation.

Vertical garden of plastic panel and felts planted in situ

Vertical garden system consisting of a metal supporting structure on which there is a plastic panel backing. In case one of these panels will be fixed a combination of felts where the roots will grow and a hydroponic irrigation solution will circulate.

→ Cleaning of the installation
→ Simplicity in replacing irrigation
→ Easy to replace the plants that make up the garden composition.
→ Green appearance that the substrate acquires, independently of the growth of the plants.

Vertical garden of aminoplastic panel and polyfelters planted in situ

System that allows to design vertical gardens, landscaped roofs and vegetal facades of low maintenance.
A system that barely requires the replacement of plants, it also offers a series of functional benefits, both for health and for the environment.

  • Advantages;
    → Low maintenance
    → Environmental benefits
    → Noise pollution reduction
    → Energy Saving
    → Allows you to make unique and singular designs.

Vertical garden with metallic gabions on metallic mesh

Vertical design installed from gabions made with metal mesh and substrate fillers. The gabions are anchored on a fixed support. After the installation one proceeds to plant the vegetal species chosen on the basis of the design previously defined.
Design that adapts to any type of building and location. (indoor and outdoor vertical gardens)

  • Advantages;
    → The installation does not require pre-installation work.
    → Vertical garden installation in a maximum of 2 weeks (Time varies according to the size of the work surface).
    → Integrated automatic watering system.
    → A modular design that adapts to any surface.
    → Low maintenance
    → Natural sound insulation.

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