What carriers are there for small and large dogs?

All dog owners sooner or later face the need to purchase a carrier for their dogs. A long walk, bike ride, an active weekend in nature, a visit to a veterinary clinic, an exhibition, or a trip abroad requires a special device for your pet. Choose the best dog crate for separation anxiety.

Types of carriers

The dog carrier is designed for short distances, veterinarian visits, walks and public transport. These are usually fabric bags of various configurations. They are used mainly for small and medium-sized dogs, weighing up to 8-10 kilograms.

For long journeys, flights or train journeys with dogs of medium and large breeds, special containers or cages are more suitable. For travel to exhibitions, it is also more expedient to use rigid plastic baskets and containers.

Modern pet product manufacturers offer a huge selection of different models of small dog carrier bags and containers for transporting large breed pets. They are equipped with retractable handles and wheels for easy transportation, warm fur pads and bedding in the cold season, hanging drinkers and feeders. Let’s try to figure out what is their difference and features.

Carriers for small breed dogs

Baby Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terriers, funny and stylishly dressed, will fit perfectly in a regular handbag. But, the thing itself is not adapted to this. In such a bag, the bottom is most often soft, which will not give the dog the opportunity to comfortably sit down and change its position. Therefore, it is still better to purchase a special carrier bag for small dogs, which looks like the most ordinary shoulder bag. It has a hole for the dog’s head and a hard bottom. The baby will be comfortable and comfortable to sit and lie even in a closed bag.


Designed for moving small dogs (5-8 kg). A larger dog is unlikely to be comfortable to carry for a long time. In such a carrier, you can only be in one position – lying down and looking to the side, which not every active “tail” will like. The dog sling is perfect for a short commute or walks where you need your hands free.

Carrying backpack

The carrier-backpack for dogs almost completely repeats the design of a sports backpack but has a cutout for the dog’s head. This carrier has a dense bottom that allows the pet to sit, but there is not enough space to change the position. This type of movement is suitable if you are actively spending your free time: hiking, cycling, or rollerblading. The backpack can be worn on the back or carried in front of you while having complete freedom of movement. An active pet is unlikely to sit out too long, but for some time it will be watching with interest what is happening around.


Such a carrying is similar in design to a backpack. The dog sits in it with his back to you, while the animal’s paws are free. A kangaroo is not suitable for long walks or trips, as the dog’s posture in such a carrier is unnatural and uncomfortable. Plus, such a carrier is very light and size, it is convenient to take it with you for a walk and roll it into a small ball after use.

Plastic container for transporting dogs

Large plastic box with several parts (top, bottom, sides, and door). The container for transporting dogs has a convenient handle in the upper part, and it is also easy to disassemble and assemble, takes up little space during storage, and is lightweight. Suitable for long trips, transporting dogs of different sizes in public and ground transport, airplanes. A hard bottom, ventilation holes in the walls, a grill door, and the correct size of the container allow the animal to travel comfortably. In the carrier, you can put bowls with food and water, in the cold season, lay warm bedding.

Carriage cage

The cage, made of iron, is used more often for transporting medium to large breed dogs on trains and airplanes. The metal cage performs the function of carrying and protects the animal itself from unforeseen situations, accidental injuries during long-term transportation.

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